Businesses owning their buildings benefit more than any other type by switching to solar. Not only is the ROI the highest, they get all the other benefits as well, such as good public relations, direct cost reductions, increase in building value, and residual income. Here are a few examples of jobs we have completed for owner-occupied clients.

M & M Machine

Location: Auburn, CA
System Size: 66 kW

Local machine shops have large electricity bills and adding a commercial solar system reduces that cost. Since the third generation has joined the company, the owners plan enjoy the reduced electricity costs for a long time.

Fluid Tech Hydraulics

Location: Sacramento, CA
System Size: 50.92 kW

As their usage grew, we combined a new 480 Volt service with another commercial solar system, to cover their increased usage.

Spec West Concrete Supplies

Location: Loomis, CA
System Size: 27.3 kW

With several locations, this one was company owned and the obvious choice for a new solar system. CitiCare will provide all the Operations and Maintenance on the system for a very small fee for the owners, so they do not have one more thing to have to keep track of.

Dry Creek AM/PM

Location: Auburn, CA
System Size: 78 kW

Gas station mini-marts use a lot of electricity, due to all the lighting, refrigeration and long hours. Even though we do not gererate enough electricity to cover all of their usage, the owners plan to enjoy their electricity savings. It is a great investment for the future.

Cabral Western Motors

Location: Manteca, CA
System Size: 180.9 kW

Many car dealers have installed commercial solar systems. Second generation Cabral Western Motors saw the economic and public relations benefits of doing the same.

Winner Chevrolet

Location: Colfax, CA
System Size: 98.45 kW

You can see this commercial solar system from the freeway and it gives a great image to passers-by. The business owner can sell electricity to his dealership.


Location: Oakland, CA
System Size: 42.9 kW

A very innovative business owner with a very complex product line, he was looking to eliminate his electric bill and get shaded parking for his cars.

Bonfante Collision Center

Location: Gilroy, CA
System Size: 78 kW

This body shop installed a commercial solar system. A well known family in the Gilroy area, the owner knew a good investment when he saw one.

A-1 Jay’s Machining

Location: San Jose, CA
System Size: 453 kW

The owner and founder asked his sons to join him when he signed the contract because it was such a major economic benefit to the family. The staff also will enjoy parking under the carports that surround the building.

NC Routing

Location: Manteca, CA
System Size: 60.45 kW

Another small business that needs to be able to compete in this flat business climate. By eliminating a large expense, they can continue to keep their prices low as their competitor’s expenses rise.

Pacific Powdercoating

Location: Sacramento, CA
System Size: 302.4 kW

This business owner is looking to retire in 6 years, so by installing a commercial solar system a couple of years ago, his retirement income will be increasing by $10,000 per month and it will be increasing as electric rates do, at 5% per year.

Class A Powdercoating

Location: Sacramento, CA
System Size: 145.35 kW

Reducing a large expense by installing a commercial solar system is a great way to get those large jobs that have to be bid so close. The owner will also have a larger retirement income by selling the electricity to the new tenants or from a higher sales price on the building.


Location: Gilroy, CA
System Size: 50.05 kW

The owners saw benefit in reducing long term costs with a commercial solar system. The father leaving the business can charge for the electricity along with building rent to help his retirement income.

Hanlees Auto Group

Location: Davis, Richmond and Fremont, CA
System Size: 1,068.39 kW

This automobile dealership company went into solar in a big way, putting solar on 9 of their dealerships. We are now going through the process of installing LED lights, since the roofs did not have sufficient area to cover their entire bill.

Hoffmann Automotive

Location: Davis, CA
System Size: 25.92 kW

This small business benefitted by lowering a persistent cost, and shading their business with solar panels. They will benefit even further when it is time to sell their building because it will be worth so much more.

Sierra Aluminum

Location: Fontana, CA
System Size: 1501 kW

This is the second system we have installed for this company. By installing this system, the company did not have to shut down its local paint shop with the prospect of shipping product to Mexico to get painted then shipped back. This kept the plant competitive and 200 jobs secure in our country.

SpeeDee Oil Change

Location: Auburn, CA
System Size: 17.29 kW

This small business has the solar panels displayed proudly on the front of the building, showing the patrons that the owners are environmentally concious.

John’s Auto Care

Location: Roseville, CA
System Size: 4.2 kW

This business owner is no longer with us, but his wife is still benefitting since she is selling power to the firm that is leasing the building. An early adopter that drove an early electric car, he invested in solar early.

Sacramento Jet Center

Location: Sacramento, CA
System Size: 131 kW

When you fly into Sacramento, you will see the solar panels on top of the Sacramento Jet Center, the terminal where all the private jets fly in and out. Long since paid off, this system continues to give a good public image and savings to the owners.

DR Cline Enterprises

Location: Valley Springs, CA
System Size: 10.8 kW

As with all small businesses, eliminating an expense helps earnings. This money can go straight into the owner’s pockets.

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